Gîte La Ferme Marguerite


Lodge Les tavaillons labeled tourisme et handicap

Since June 2012, the National Commission has labelised the lodge Les Tavaillons for four handicaps: motor, auditory, visual and mental

Nordic walking - 170€ / jour/day 12 pers. max

Come and introduce you to Nordic walking for a day or two with a qualified instructor. The discovery tours will be adapted to the group level, preceded and followed by heating muscle stretching.

Origin: the "Nordic walking", of Scandinavian origin, has been practiced for many years to prepare for fall cross-country skiers.
Principle: set in motion the upper body during walking, using poles. Comprehensive exercise, allowing the cardiovascular training and muscle.
Effects: increased oxygen consumption (up to 60%), the expenditure of calories (up to 40% compared to the traditional market), thus promoting weight loss and increased muscle mass.

Maximum of 20 people.
Cost: 1 day Nordic walking at 170 euros per day or 110 € half day
Loan of equipment: poles included.

Our partner : www.nature-odyssee-jura.fr

Hike a nature trail - 170€ / jour/day 15 pers. max

Discover the Natural Park of Haut-Jura from one to three days of hiking with a mountain guide.

1) First Day
AM: Discovery of the Lake of the Abbey.
Afternoon: Discovery of "Eagle Peak" and "Lookout 4 Lakes".
2) Second Day
AM: Discovery of "peatlands".
Afternoon: Discovery of a high-altitude forest.
3) Third Day
Day trip to the Natural Park of Vaud, Switzerland. Point of view of the Alps, the summit of Mount Sala (1512 m).
This program can of course be required to be changed, depending on weather conditions and level of work of the group.

Maximum of 15 people.
Cost: 1 day trip to 170 euros per day or 110 € half day

our partner : www.nature-odyssee-jura.fr

Mountain Bike - 170€ / jour/day 12 pers. max

Come and introduce you to mountain bike for one/two days with a qualified instructor.

1) First Day
Morning: Introduction course and motor control of the bicycle.
Afternoon: appropriate discovery tour at the group level. Trémontagne forests.
2) Second Day
Day trip: Circuit in the Grandvaux region.

Maximum of 12 people.
Cost: 1-2 days of biking to 170 euros per day (plan in addition, the rental of the bike with the owner of Saint-Laurent-en-Grandvaux).

Our partner : www.nature-odyssee-jura.fr

Archery - bientôt disponible/soon available

crosscountry skiing/snowshoe - bientot disponible, soon available

cooking classes - bientôt disponibles, soon available

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